The top five benefits of eLearning

Life can be busy and fragmented, add to this the democratisation of knowledge thanks to the internet and it’s easy to see the appeal of eLearning. Simply put, eLearning fits in with how many of us live our lives.

Here are what we see as key benefits of eLearning:

1. Accessibility – The rise of mobile device learning has been predicated since the dawn of the Smart phone but 2015 looks to be the year that it actually happens. The technology is now at a stage that can now truly showcase the  accessibility of eLearning courses.  This means that you don’t have to be sat at a desk in-front of a desktop computer. You can access the best eLearning courses via a lap top, a tablet or even your smart phone on the bus home.

2. Convenience – As with accessibility the best eLearning courses are built around the user. A huge benefit of eLearning is being able to pause the course at any point and being able to come back to it, something that’s difficult to do with classroom learning.

3. Dynamic interaction – The ability for students to interact with other students and problem solving is a huge benefit. The Santia Learning Management System (LMS) allows access to active user forums, with input from training professionals. Learning content is no longer solely text page knowledge but also features animation, interaction, drag and drop testing and more engaging ways to keep students interested. Downloadable revision packs are also a useful backup to the online training material.

4. The Learning Management System – A reliable Learning Management System is the bedrock of any eLearning suite of courses. As well as showcasing the content a good LMS should also provide meaningful user reports. Whether it’s for individuals to measure their progress, or for larger organisations to track how their employees are doing is a vital component of the eLearning experience. Click here to read our previous blog on what you should be looking for in a Learning Management System.

5. Cost – Ultimately, we all want the most cost effective deal and eLearning without the overheads of classroom training provides a truly cost effective solution. For a student looking to get their first rung on the ladder to becoming a Health and Safety professional eLearning can be the best value for money, especially if the course and the system  come with a free demo.

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Simon Jones is a senior manager in progressive health, safety and environmental consultancy. Simon’s experience ensures that the products delivered by Consultants, i.e. training and client consultancy, meets the high standards which are set as well as expected by demanding clients.

is the Principal Examiner for the NEBOSH International Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety.

Post date: 05 Aug 2015

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