Dubai hotels fined for Ramadan smoking violations

Hotels and restaurants who want to have smoking in their Ramadan tents have to first get approval from the planning department, as well as a final permit from the Public Health and Safety Department.

Not only do hotels have to have a permit to operate, they also have to separate smoking areas from the rest of the tent, as well as enforcing a +18 entry policy for the smoking area.

The department also implements several other rules on fire and general safety inside Ramadan tents.

According to the director of the Public Health and Safety Department, Dubai Municipality, Marwan Al Mohammed, speaking to Khaleej times, four hotels have been fined for violations so far in Ramadan 2015.

“Families and children should not be allowed in areas where people are smoking,” said Mohammed..

Hotel staff must strictly adhere to these rules and the municipality’s inspectors will be making visits to observe the compliance, he added.

Initial violators will be fined $2700, with repeat offenders getting a steeper fine and eventually shut.


Post date: 07 Jul 2015

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