Dhabi health clinics that failed safety requirements now fit to reopen

The facilities were closed by the Health Authority Abu Dhabi for committing a number of offences, ranging from failure to keep a supply of emergency medicines to improper storage of medical files.

Other breaches noted by Haad’s health audit officers, during routine inspections, included mixing sterile and non-sterile tools and general uncleanliness.

“The health audit team conducted an inspection to verify that these corrections have been made and that all requirements were met,” said Hamad Al Zaabi, head of the health audit department. “The health audit visits play a fundamental role in ensuring that stringent requirements are met to further improve the quality of healthcare services in line with best international practices.”

Last year, Haad introduced guidelines for improving the quality of healthcare services in the emirate.

The National

Post date: 08 Sep 2015

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