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Educational institutions are exposed to wide range of risks and have a particular duty of care towards their staff, assets and young charges.

Municipality driven environmental, health and safety management systems should already be in place to mitigate these risks but when an institution needs extra help in attainting these standards then we can highlight where they currently are, then create an action plan to put the appropriate level of processes, policies and procedures into place.

If further international standards are then desired ie. OHSAS18001 we also provide either appropriate staff training or an expert Consultants to assist.

We further manage risk in supply chains and can provide a software system which validates each supplier and scores them against key objectives and priorities leaving the school or college assured that improved safety, efficiency, cost effectiveness and consistency of compliance across their supply chain portfolio is achieved.

Lastly, Santia offer training into education institutions via either face to face training or eLearning. This training could take various forms; from face to face NEBOSH, IOSH or risk assessment training for designated staff members and department heads to ensure in house competence and expertise – to writing bespoke eLearning health and safety introduction courses for all new students, staff or contractors Just tell us your requirements and we can either pick from our off the shelf range of over 60 health and safety courses or create a unique course to be owned just by you.

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