Financial Services

Financial services and banking organisations conduct their business across a wide variety of property portfolios and a range of operations including high street branches, call centres, general business administration and trading floors.

Effective health, safety and environmental risk management in this context revolves around the property portfolio and is often managed through a facilities management partner.

Santia provides integrated health, safety and environmental risk management services directly to financial services institutions and to their facilities management providers. By delivering integrated services, customers can be assured that improved efficiency, cost effectiveness and consistency of compliance across the portfolio is achieved.

Financial service providers are well versed in the need to guarantee performance and assure themselves that systems are functioning correctly and that reported information – either by internal systems or by third party providers – is reliable, correct and delivers key messages.

This is no different for health and safety, and Santia provides confidence that systems, processes, policies and procedures are in place – the work we do provides  details on how effective those measures are.

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