Property management & FM

In order to demonstrate that they are managing properties to the highest standard, the effective and efficient management of a client's property portfolio is often achieved through the use of managing agents and facilities management organisations.

Equally, facilities management organisations and managing agents need to ensure that they are delivering the required levels of service to contract. Santia provides confidence that systems, processes and procedures are in place for either of these scenarios – giving assurance on how effective the measures are.

With approximately 60% of facilities management in the region being conducted by in-house or small, inexperienced contractors, there is a gap between what is being delivered and client expectation. To bridge the gap in knowledge and experience and to support the need to demonstrate superb facilities management service, we work with providers to give services that help protect the properties which they are responsible for.

Santia delivers a full suite of property related health, safety and environmental risk assessment and management services. These include;

  • Health and safety risk management
  • Contractor verification and accreditation
  • Environmental Consultancy – waste management, energy reduction and air emissions
  • Occupational health & safety
  • Construction (new build or refurbishment)