Health and safety management

There is widespread recognition within the regional Governments of the UAE and GCC that having robust health and safety practices; taking best practices from all over the world, in particular the UK, makes the region an attractive place to work, live and visit.
Therefore, a culture of work based health and safety is a critical success factor for local economies and for all types of businesses operating in the United Arab Emirates and the wider Middle East region.
As a leading provider of health and safety consultancy solutions in the UK, Santia applies UK best practice in the context of the Middle East; taking account of local concerns including climate, local customs and managing an employee population of migrant workers.
Santia offers the broadest range of health and safety risk management services to assist businesses comply with every aspect of health and safety legislation including:
  • Audits and assurance activities
  • Risk assessments and effective control strategies
  • Specialist health and safety consultancy
  • Health and safety outsourcing
  • Design and implementation of health and safety management systems
  • Occupational hygiene measurements and solutions

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