Santia’s unique supplier (material and service) assurance tool, Profiler, is helping organisations to maintain a grip on the risks associated with managing a complex supply chain.
By capturing key information about your supplier, Profiler gives a clear, profiled view of where risk to your organisation might exist. It will make a real difference to the way you procure, appoint and verify the suppliers that you work with, which will enhance your organisation’s capability and ultimately help you protect your business’ reputation.
Anticipate and manage potential risk
Profiler is a low cost and easy to implement tool that provides an in-depth understanding of key supplier information, giving you the ability to anticipate and manage potential risk. This results in less business disruption, fewer legal consequences and helps to protect the integrity of your brand. 
Risk can never be eliminated – but it can be managed more effectively and Profiler is the perfect tool to achieve this, through greater visibility and control.
Data capture, scoring and profiling
The entire process is managed by Santia – taking the complexity away from you and your business.
Profiler helps you reduce the size of your supply chain by identifying those suppliers who want to work with your business. This natural reduction of the supplier base creates a more focused, committed supply chain that will be more aligned to your organisation’s goals and values by:
  • Allowing the selection of specific suppliers with the ability to adjust criteria. Removing the risk from selecting suppliers in terms of identity, integrity and sustainability.
  • Creating consistent and auditable common access to your supplier base.
  • Providing a channel for supplier development initiatives.
  • Delivering the potential to map your supply base against wider parts of the organisation for added efficiencies.
  • Providing direct cost savings by enabling a leaner vendor base.
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