Basic Food Safety & Hygiene

Santia has teamed-up with Ege University’s Faculty of Food Engineering to develop a unique e-learning Basic Food Safety & Hygiene course for all food service establishments. Designed specifically for food handlers, it addresses the training requirements detailed in the Hygiene Education Law (Law 28698, 05.07.2013) and Food Hygiene Regulation (Law 28145, 17.12.2011):

  • All food handlers must receive basic food hygiene training.
  • Anyone whose work activity could potentially affect public health must receive basic hygiene training.
  • All training must be administered by a government certified body or university.

Santia is a leading provider of food safety services and a specialist in training. We provide a relevant, convenient and cost effective training solution for hotels, restaurants, retailers, food manufacturers and suppliers throughout Turkey.

Ege University, founded in 1955, is commonly recognised as the leading Food Engineering learning establishment in Turkey. Ege University Food Engineering Faculty is accredited by MUDEK (Association for Evaluation and Accreditation of Engineering Programs), which means their training programs are recognised throughout Europe by ENAEE.

Benefits of e-learning

Santia has worked closely with Ege University to prepare an e-learning package which is highly interactive and provides you with a flexible and easily accessible learning solution that offers:

  • Reassurance that the food safety and hygiene knowledge and understanding you will gain meets the legislative requirements.
  • Interesting and diverse multimedia content to fit your learning style.
  • A flexible learning solution: you choose when it’s best to study.
  • Cost effectiveness: save on costs for travel, accommodation and time away from the job.
  • Relevant to all food establishments, including hospitality, catering, manufacturing and retail.

Course overview

The Basic Food Safety & Hygiene e-learning course ensures food handlers have a basic understanding of food hygiene and are competent in handling food in a safe and responsible manner.

The modules covered include:
Module 1: Introduction to Food Safety
Module 2: Microbiology
Module 3: Contamination
Module 4: Food Poisoning and Food Born İllnesses
Module 5: HACCP
Module 6: Personal Hygiene
Module 7: Food Premises and Equipment
Module 8: Pest Control
Module 9: Cleaning and disinfection
Module 10: Food Safety Laws and Regulations

Course duration

The course duration is typically 8 hours, depending on learning speed.

Who is the course for?

This course is ideal for:

Canteen workers Fruit and vegetable sales people
Water products sales people Market and bazaar sales people
Barmen/women Cooks and chefs
Hospitality and restaurant workers Water suppliers
Tea production workers Food controllers
Grain producers Meat and meat product handlers
Fruit and vegetable production workers Milk and dairy producers
Olive production workers  

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