Fire Risk
Fire Risk Management in Turkey

Fire safety Turkey operates two primary technical standards: voluntary standard and compulsory standards (regulations, codes and national provisions).

All standards are developed by the National Standardised Body – The Turkish Standards Institute (TSE).  And they are governed by the Regulatory Authority (Ministry of the Interior and Ministry of Public Works) who in a number of cases impose and enforce the standards through specifications.

Generally Turkish Building Standards and Codes are focussed on health, safety, accessibility and protection of buildings from fire and not many codes are included on the safety from fire for the building occupiers.

During a fire a key factor is the safety of the people in the building and the provision of a safe escape route allowing people to either escape or to get to a place of ‘relative’ safety from fire.

In securing a safe environment, Santia Fire Consultants assess the following:

  • The means of escape provision
  • The means for protecting the means of escape
  • The means for raising the alarm of fire
  • The means for firefighting
  • The employed fire safety management practices.

Santia Consultants use the Turkish Standards along with the European benchmarking standards of British Standard 9999 and NFPA101 in partnership with relevant National, Regional and local Standards and Codes to ensure the delivery of a fire safe environment for all occupiers within buildings by ensuring the means of escape is suitable and sufficient for the occupancy level.

In delivering a fire safe environment Santia Consulting offer the following fire risk management services.

  • Fire Safety GAP Analysis
  • Pre-audit for local AHJ Audit
  • Fire Safety Policy Provision
  • Fire Safety Strategy
  • Means of Escape Strategy
  • Fire Risk Assessment
  • Fire Emergency Planning
  • Fire Safety Training

All of our services are delivered by highly qualified fire safety professionals with a wealth of experience of international fire safety risk management.

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