Food Safety Turkey

Santia is a leading international provider of food safety and health and safety risk management solutions, offering a broad range of services in Turkey.

Our services have been built on taking a personal approach to understanding every client’s business and providing a personalised service which meets individual sites food safety management needs.


Santia provides specialist food consultancy across the food supply chain (including consultancy to manufacturers, caterers, restaurants etc) and includes consultancy on HACCP, Quality Management Systems and Standards and sector-specific Food Safety Consultancy.


Santia’s audits are tailored to client’s individual business requirements. They are managed on a live, 24/7 web-based erisk management platform, which provides instant management information to record and monitor individual facilities or overall group compliance with food safety statutory requirements.

Santia has global experience auditing the retail, supply chain and hospitality sectors.

Core benefits include:

  • Improved food safety
  • Enhanced ‘brand integrity’ by improved statutory compliance
  • Reduced risk of legal action for statutory non-compliance
  • Increased employee involvement and understanding of food safety
  • Halal, restricted goods and allergen management review
  • Up-to-date facility and group compliance information on a bespoke management information platform

Our highly qualified consultants are skilled in performing independent food safety audits. These audits measure and monitor the food safety performance of your business on a risk assessment basis.


Santia offers a comprehensive range of high quality training courses specifically designed for food handlers throughout the food chain. Santia is an approved training provider in the UK for the Royal Society for Public Health (RSPH). Santia is collaborating with leading universities to provide bespoke food safety training in Turkey.

We pride ourselves in knowing:

  • Our trainers are experienced and professional
  • Our trainers have practical experience in the food industry – and can offer practical solutions and guidance
  • Our courses are interactive, informative and relevant to our clients training needs
  • Our training courses help food businesses meet the legislative requirements for training of food handlers, supervisors and managers.
  • Through our range of food safety and HACCP courses, Santia Food Safety Services can deliver the right knowledge to the right people at every level in the organisation.

For more information on food safety and health and safety risk management solutions in Turkey contact us or call us on +90 (0) 232 238 6677.