Health and Food Safety Consultancy

Whether you are an independent boutique hotel or a five star holiday resort, the safety and wellbeing of your guests is paramount to your business and brand reputation.

Many people underestimate the importance of effective health and food safety management, but the reality is that an accident or food poisoning can have a major impact on business profitability as well as the reputation of your brand.

For this reason, Santia provides food safety and health and safety consultancy services to help hoteliers and the hospitality industry keep their guests safe and protect their bottom line.

Local, experienced industry experts that deliver pragmatic advice and applied solutions

What makes Santia unique is our industry and local expertise and our consultative approach that helps you develop and apply the most effective and practical solutions to suit your business needs.

Our health and food safety consultancy services include:

  • Comprehensive quality manual development covering food safety, water safety, pool safety and legionella
  • Consultative auditing providing guidance and advice on how to improve, implement and ensure compliance
  • Toolbox training designed specifically for your business to ensure you and your employees fully understand what is required and how to apply to day to day practices
  • Trend analysis to help identify areas for improvement and training requirements, promoting a culture of continuous improvement
  • Online risk management system enabling you to manage a range of risks simultaneously and view information across multiple sites in a real time ‘dashboard’

The benefits to you:

  • Proactive and improved risk management providing reassurance that your guests are safe and so is your bottom line
  • Improved profitability by reducing the number of incidents and accident claims
  • Documented due diligence providing a defence against bogus complaints
  • Less time managing risk and more time to run and grow your business
  • Increased employee engagement
  • Peace of mind provided by working in partnership with a leading international provider of health and safety and food safety consultancy services
  • Improved customer satisfaction

For more information on food safety and health and safety risk management solutions in Turkey contact us or cal us on +90 (0) 232 238 6677