British Transport Police

British Transport Police (BTP) is the national police force for the railways providing a policing service to rail operators, their staff and passengers throughout England, Scotland and Wales. The railways are a unique policing environment with a unique set of needs and they employ 2,835 police officers and 1,455 support staff working from a variety of locations across the UK. In addition, BTP also police the London Underground system, Docklands Light Railway, the Midland Metro tram system, Croydon Tramlink and the Glasgow Subway. The contract value is £750,000 over 3 years.

The following services are provided:

  • Pre –Employment Screening
  • Absence Management
  • Support to the Health and Safety and Wellbeing teams
  • Health Promotion

Santia won this contract through a competitive tender process and has been delivering the service for over 4 years. BTP were seeking an occupational health provider partner that could deliver a consistent co-coordinated service based on best practice, adding value and mitigating loss to the BTP organisation. This is achieved through prevention wherever possible and the timely management of employee sickness absence poor performance and other health related matters where required.

Building effective working relationships with key personnel has been a critical element in the successful delivery of the service and the introduction of web based technology has been crucial in the development of robust processes and procedures.

We appreciate the importance of providing work health assessments to ensure all candidates are fit to undertake their roles and has worked closely with BTP to provide a highly effective and cost effective way of undertaking the assessments. Online assessments are undertaken together with face to face where appropriate to provide BTP with concise reports detailing any reasonable adjustments that are required to enable candidates to successfully complete their duties.

BTP has a robust case management procedure with regards to short and long term absence. We fully understand the impact that appropriately targeted occupational health services can deliver in the recovery/ rehabilitation process and provide BTP with timely best medical advice to support an efficient return to work process.

Our case management process undertakes all of the following:

  • encourages early notification
  • facilitates early identification of health issues
  • proactive case management
  • communication at all stages with all parties
  • ensuring the individual is seen by the most appropriate practitioner
  • easy to follow process flows for managers & HR
  • reasonable & time bound rehabilitation plans

Ensuring an employee returns to work as quickly and safely as possible means we need to have a sound knowledge of the working environment but also that line managers and the organisation need to recognise that an employee does not need to be 100% fit to return to work. That an individual will recover much more quickly if allowed to return to work in a limited or alternative capacity; however such returns need to be managed and monitored. Santia ensures that its personnel discuss with the relevant HR Manager their recommendations regarding reasonable adjustments to the role or working environment prior to submitting their report.

“Meaningful, Clear, Actionable Advice” is a core element of what differentiates us from our competitors, our and we take the time to consider and understand the implications of the advice we give. Our management reports particularly when supporting our clients in the management of sickness are clear, unambiguous and provide an opinion on fitness to work – we do not “sit on the fence”.

Again, building relationships with key stakeholders has been vital to the success of the service establishing an environment of trust and good communication of all processes. Quarterly contract review meetings take place where we provide a full report on the quarter activity, trends and where we see improvements, innovation or changes are required to continually move the service forward.

We have implemented a number of health and wellbeing initiatives in conjunction with BTP using a combination of web based facilities and health awareness days to promote healthy lifestyles. Typical themes include diet and exercise, healthy eating, stress management and testicular cancer.

Working in partnership with the BTP we have reviewed and assisted in the development of occupational health policies and procedures and have put together a handbook for all managers/locations together with details that sit on their intranet for ease of reference.

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