Drax Power Ltd

The client

Drax Power Limited is the operating subsidiary of Drax Group plc and the owner and operator of Drax Power Station, the largest, cleanest and most efficient coal-fired power station in the UK. Drax Power employs 760 people. The output capacity of their 6 generators is 4,000 megawatts, making them nearly twice the size of the next largest coalfired power station in the UK. They sell all their power through the wholesale market and currently provide enough power to meet 7% of the UK’s electricity needs. Health and safety is at the heart of Drax Group’s corporate responsibility and they adopt a proactive approach in their management. They are committed to developing and maintaining a positive health and safety culture.

The challenge

As a result of the new CDM Regulations in 2007, Drax Power Limited required a training solution to update the knowledge of their Engineering and Maintenance Section Managers to ensure continuity of the existing high standard of compliance within this area of its business. They also had a requirement to develop core competency within this area for new entrant personnel to the business. Over the next few years Drax will be involved in construction projects and therefore they are keen to develop their asset and safety management knowledge base in order to maintain their efficiency and high standard of safety. They needed this staff group to understand the legal implications and if necessary be able to challenge the large number of contractors in order to achieve the best results.

The solution

With Drax Power’s Safety Training Manager we agreed the requirements and objectives to be met from the courses: the Section Managers needed a clear understanding of what is required from the new CDM Regulations and how to apply this in their job. They agreed on the CDM Coordinators course a 3-day course delivered as 3 consecutive days for initially 15 delegates. Drax Power valued the key benefits of the CDM Coordinators Course exclusive to Santia Training Services which provides marked evidence of gaining competence on the individual qualifications and experience criterion as identified in the ACOP for CDM 2007. The first course was so successful that it was followed by another course for more staff. Santia Training Services have also delivered a 1 day CDM Overview for staff too.

The results

  • There is an improvement in efficiency of the planning process for project management.
  • This training strengthens the existing safety culture, motivating staff as a drive for the future.
  • It has provided the engineers with an ability to understand the process involved in construction.
  • There has been a reduction in the lost working time injury rate.


“Drax Power places the highest priority on health and safety. Over recent years we have successfully implemented a number of initiatives which have had very positive results. The work with Santia Training Services has contributed to this success and we look forward to working with them in the future on similar projects.”
Paul Chambers, Health & Safety Officer (Construction & Projects)

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