Financial Services - Assurance

The Client

Our client is one of the world’s largest financial services organisations and looks after the needs of over 60 million customers, across 80 countries and territories.

The organisation currently employs 330,000 people across 11,000 sites, with a portfolio totaling 58 million-square-feet.

Safety standards can vary widely across these 80 countries. Providing consistent safety standards across all these locations is a challenge. The organisation wanted to ensure consistent safety standards are delivered and maintained across all its locations through a regional health and safety assurance framework.

The Challenge

As a responsible employer, the organisation wanted to ensure that health and safety related statutory and mandatory maintenance and inspections performed by their UK service provider were compliant with legal and in line with contractual and internal policy requirements.

It was the organisation’s intention to implement a process and to provide effective and efficient assurance of health, safety and compliance operations.

A detailed process review was undertaken to overlay the operational reporting and internal auditing processes already in place.

The Solution

The key aspect of this project was not to redesign the organisation’s or its service provider’s internal processes but to provide the client with the assurance that the portfolio was being effectively and efficiently managed.

A risk focused assurance model was designed to provide structure to the review.  The review provided additional evidence to the organisation by reporting on statutory and mandatory compliance with operational health and safety related legislation, and mandatory requirements dictated by their policies in key areas of risk.

The Result

Santia’s solution utilised a wide range of experienced health and safety practitioners, with the necessary competency and skills in management systems, engineering and global legislation. The broad range of consultants at Santia’s disposal provided an initial gap analysis to identify strengths and areas for potential improvement.

From this gap analysis a document describing “What good looks like” was developed to provide practical and pragmatic solutions to the root causes of the issues identified during the investigative inspections.

Santia then subsequently worked in partnership with the client’s service providers to ensure they and their supply chain delivered services to the expected requirements.

This meant that the client would have clear visibility and transparency of the key risks and compliance status, together with a prioritised action plan to deliver the desired improvements.

The work carried out by Santia has shown a great benefit to the client in having an assurance process in place to gather information and intelligence on the effective operation of all the organisation’s functions with a health and safety remit. 

The subsequent effective delivery of compliance and risk control from the client’s service provider has clearly benefitted business operations and asset integrity, together with the increased levels of health and safety to employees and customers.

Intelligence gained from this exercise allowed the client to implement a new way of working with new a service provider and resetting the standards they wish to achieve.

The successful delivery of this assurance project in the UK, and the benefits realised, developed the appetite for a wider application of the process into the organisations European and global operations, to enable effective management and assurance of risk control within the corporate real estate portfolio.

This led to the client commissioning Santia to develop further models for the assurance of statutory and mandatory compliance within their European operations, whilst ensuring that all processes were developed with a future global application in mind.




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