Newport City Council


Santia has been the appointed asbestos consultants to Newport City Council for seven years, with responsibility for asbestos project management and surveys. This portfolio includes school properties, office buildings and commercial premises. The relationship with Newport City Council goes back to 2003, following the award of a major survey contract where all Newport City Councils properties were surveyed between 2003 and 2004.

Database Statistics

All the surveys were originally uploaded to a Newport City Council specific PSI database which holds asbestos information for over 600 individual properties.

Description of work to date

Following the completion of the original survey programme, there has been a continuing programme of asbestos risk reduction based upon high material risk, and this has seen the completion of over one hundred asbestos removal projects at premises around Newport. In addition we have undertaken numerous type 3 surveys.

Since 2004 there has been an annual programme of re-inspections at all asbestos containing sites.

Project Management

All work is managed centrally by a dedicated project manager and administrator who have been involved in the management of works for Newport City Council for many years and participates in regular client review meetings.

All orders, reports and other services are tracked and directly managed by the project manager. As an experienced Project Manager and Asbestos Consultant/Surveyor, the Newport City Council Project Manager assists in the design of asbestos strategy, implementation of technical processes, and the training of the regional technical staff.

The staff who are required to complete work for Newport City Council are highly qualified and experienced asbestos surveyors, analysts and / or asbestos consultants. Each of the surveyors, analysts and asbestos consultants have been in post for at least 12 months.

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