5 things to consider when choosing your eLearning provider

With a world of choice available at the click of a button, you may need to consider a few questions when choosing a provider to meet your learning and development goals.

1. What are your learning and development goals?
Whether choosing a provider to deliver learning to a group of staff, an individual or across the whole organisation, it is important that you know why you need the eLearning course and what you expect to achieve from it. An eLearning provider should support you to assess your learning goals and identify gaps through a training needs analysis.

2. Choose an expert
It sounds obvious, but a key piece of advice would be to choose eLearning from subject matter experts. Take a bit of time to understand the subjects you are looking at and make sure the eLearning provider is known within the field of study. Subject matter experts will be able to support the learners both online and offline with a breadth and depth of resources to tap into. By choosing an expert, you can be assured that the eLearning content will be relevant, current and accurate.

3. User-friendly design
Subject matter expertise is vitally important, but so is an understanding of how people learn online. eLearning should be user-friendly well-written and fun to use. Check that the learning includes engaging interactions to keep the learner interested. The learning should include knowledge checks or mini-tests throughout to help the learner assess their own learning as they go through.

4. Mobile and Tablet Friendly
Being able to learn across platforms and across devices is really important. Many learners will want to engage with the learning at different times and in different locations. eLearning should be built in responsive design and work on multiple device (check that it is written in HTML5 or similar).

5. Track and Analyse Learners
A good learning provider will have a great learning management system which can provide you with incredibly useful information and help you to track, manage and analyse the learner and group progress through the training.

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Simon Jones is a senior manager in progressive health, safety and environmental consultancy. Simon’s experience ensures that the products delivered by Consultants, i.e. training and client consultancy, meets the high standards which are set as well as expected by demanding clients.

is the Principal Examiner for the NEBOSH International Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety

Post date: 10 Dec 2014

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