What will 2015 have in store for eLearning?

Simon Jones Head of Training at Santia consultingA survey by Ambient Insight Research has showed that the worldwide market for e-learning products was $32.1 billion (£20.5 billion) in 2010 and is expected to rise to $49.9 billion by 2015. So what trends can we expect to see from eLearning in 2015?

It’s all about the Learning Management System

Well maybe not quite, but you will need an all singing, all dancing Learning Management System (LMS) at the centre of your eLearning suite.  It will need to be more than just the platform which your learning sits on. Your LMS will need to provide that dreaded phrase ‘added value’, so what do we mean by that? At the very least it will need to provide a powerful analytics package, especially when it comes to large corporate clients and hosting large numbers of users. Organisations in 2015 will not only want to see that their employees have taken eLearning training, they will want to have clear data which shows who has passed and how long it took them. The LMS at the centre of Santa’s training suite offers a Management Information analytics package which can deliver statistics in exportable  formats which are easy to manipulate and use.

"Increasingly at Santia we’re finding that our clients get excited about the possibility to adapt eLearning to their own environment."

Simon Jones Head of Training Practice

It won’t be enough just to put your classroom training online. eLearning providers will have to supply media rich, engaging content and content rich platforms for their users. The secret to eLearning has always been to engage the users with your training content and in our digital diverse world the range of choices can be bewildering. So a key win for eLearning providers in 2015 will be the ability to pick the right media, video, animation and interactions in their courses. The New Year could also see an increase in the Gamification of content, which encourages learning through gaming activities such as rewards for completing activities. While Gamification is a fun way to learn it isn’t suitable for every course and doesn’t suit every learning style.

The year ahead will see an increase in eLearning, accessing eLearning via mobile devices and will likely appeal to many of the 72% of UK residents that own a Smart phone or other mobile device, (MobileMarketing, 2014) Last year saw the continued use of tablets for online learning but increasingly sophisticated smart phones will see their popularity rise in 2015. The Santia training suite has ease of access at the heart of its functionality with the ability to be accessed via the full range of mobile devices. 

Will bespoke, customisable training solutions be the big hit for eLearning in 2015?

Increasingly at Santia we’re finding that our clients get excited about the possibility to adapt eLearning to their own environment. A one size fits all approach still has its benefits, not least when it comes to price but also having the flexibility to adapt a course is only going to be an added attraction in 2015. A key trend in 2015 could also be personalised feedback from systems to learners. Learning content, questions and feedback will be tailored to the learner’s proficiency level, interests, and personal motivators. By learning about learners, e-courses will help adults learn in the manner, pace and method which suits them best.

The year ahead is going to be an exciting one for eLearning, which will put learners very much in the driving seat.

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Simon Jones is a senior manager in progressive health, safety and environmental consultancy. Simon’s experience ensures that the products delivered by Consultants, i.e. training and client consultancy, meets the high standards which are set as well as expected by demanding clients.

is the Principal Examiner for the NEBOSH International Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety



Post date: 14 Jan 2015

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