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Why Accreditation Matters part 2

How does a contractor go about becoming accredited?

John Kinge: The accreditation process is very simple. It’s a click away going onto www.safecontractor.com and looking for the Buy Now button. You can fill in the basic details online, then get registered. Your hand is then held all the way through that process, the next port of call is that you’ll be contacted by one of our sales team, they will walk you through the next stages of the process, then there’s a nice handoff to our admin support who will talk the contractor through how you fill in the questionnaire, what bits to look out for, what are the common failures that organisations have just to make sure that we make the process as easy as we can. Once that then gets to an auditor that auditor would stay with the contractor all the way through to their accreditation so it gives them an opportunity to get to know the people, get to know the contacts, understand the business. It’s a working relationship. We’re not here to stop people getting accredited, we’re her to assist people getting accredited.

Are there examples of organisations where accreditation has made a significant difference?  

John Kinge: We do see many many organisations benefitting from Safecontractor accreditation. In ways where we’ve identified risk within their business which they’re unaware of or hadn’t considered. We’re able to support them in putting mitigating processes in place to prevent that risk becoming a hazard and someone being injured. We also see benefits for organisations where they are getting extra work which is a key benefit. Clients utilise Safecontractor to identify sound, good, safe contractors. As well as general benefits that organisations will see from having access to our Health and Safety advice, access to employment law advice. The things they wouldn’t get on their own as they’re too small, it’s too expensive but by being part of this big family of Safecontractor we can access those sorts of benefits on their behalf, make them available, make them affordable to them.

Why does Accreditation matter?

John Kinge: It gives everyone an opportunity to prove themselves as an organisation. It does help and support and it enables contractors to say ‘This is me, this is what I do, this is how I do it.’ It helps them set themselves apart. Not every organisation takes Health and Safety seriously, but the ones that do and committee to a third party accreditation like Safecontractor will reap the benefits. The benefits will add to their own organisation by getting their Health and Safety processes in place in a good order and have that checked every twelve months so that it’s not just left to gather dust on the shelf, it is actively being worked upon, there is the knowledge that in twelve months’ time that someone from Safecontractor is going to be getting in touch with me, I’m going to have to evidence to them that I’m using these systems and working with my people, I am creating Health and Safety methods statements  and risk assessments for the activities I’m doing this then has a knock on effect for the all of the customers that they’re working with so people are asking ‘Can I see your risk assessment? Can I see your Health and Safety policies?”  They have them in place. It puts them in a very professional light.

Post date: 05 Jan 2015

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