Benefits of an Effective Learning Managing System

Being successful in industry requires people, and businesses, to think carefully and strategically about the skills, objectives and areas that need to be developed. The challenge is ensuring that training is up to date, easily accessible and manageable.

man training sessionWhether you are approaching this as an individual or as a business, this training could range from corporate inductions, health and safety training modules right the way through to professional qualifications, and further higher education.

One thing that anyone who is undergoing training - or is responsible for ensuring training is delivered effectively - is looking for is a cost effective route, and they also need the ability to manage and track progress easily.

The Learning Management System (LMS) is a relatively new idea. Essentially, it's a software application (often delivered over the internet) that enables the administration, documentation, tracking, reporting and delivery of eLearning.

An LMS is the framework that handles all aspects of the learning process from delivering and managing the content, identifying and assessing individual and organisational learning/training goals, through to tracking progress and collecting and presenting data for the supervision of learning.

Santia Consulting Ltd offers specialist training in health, safety and environmental management. Much of which is accredited training such as NEBOSH, IOSH and IEMA qualifications, and is already offered through eLearning and delivered through an LMS. This autumn will also see the launch of a new and improved system.

Delivery of eLearning through the Santia LMS has a number of advantages and benefits;

  • The client entry portal is configurable and can be customised by Santia’s in-house technical IT team. Consequently, as a corporate buyer and user, the look and feel can be customised to the corporate livery. Similarly, the corporate tailoring can be completed on demand with specific livery displayed to pre-determined eLearning groups providing them with the look and feel of their sponsoring company.
  • Management Information (MI) is readily available from all parts of the system and reports can be generated and saved for ease of data collection. Consequently an individual user can view and monitor their own progress through a course and work to set targets and deadlines which may be self-imposed or developed through other needs, such as qualifications deadlines.
  • The corporate user can receive a good range of MI in relation to persons studying on the platform including data; such as progress through the course, completion dates, times of access, duration of access, etc.
  • Additionally the system can be configured to allow the storage of data including a qualifications framework or competency framework, whereby individuals that have completed certain qualifications can be recorded and then recall or refresher dates can be notified to the employer.
  • Whilst the main focus of this system is health and safety qualification training, the beauty of the LMS is that it can be extended to cover all elements of the training from induction, as well as being expanded out to cover other areas of organisational training - from management development through to niche qualifications such as financial management. The key here is in data management and MI reporting which can be managed through the LMS in addition to (or separate from) the actual course itself.
  • The LMS is integrated with communication software allowing Santia to deliver innovative on-line learning support through e-tutorials. The activities can be linked seamlessly through the LMS and built into the learners’ schedule. This creates a further learning opportunity, through the use of tutorial sessions, to both face-to-face and e-learners requiring support from Santia and other training providers of accredited qualifications.

In addition to the benefits described above, the LMS can provide broader benefits including a repository for technical information and development of technical support for learners and other staff, in a knowledge hub.

The management of the training requirements and training data of organisations is always a challenge and the LMS service provided by Santia can assist in ensuring that learning in the organisation is up to date and innovative, easily accessible and manageable.

For the individual, it provides potentially unlimited technical resource to satisfy the hungriest mind in researching technical issues and preparing for challenging examinations which can open new career doors, as well as develop confidence in existing roles.

As with all forms of effective learning, the successful candidates are able to apply knowledge gained in the workplace, leading to better risk control and reduced risks for the organisation as a whole.

Santia has a proven record in delivering health, safety and environmental training courses across a range of delivery methods in the UK and internationally. For businesses, training is tailored to meet their specific needs. Santia’s training services team includes CMIOSH tutors, NEBOSH examiners and pass rates that are well above national averages. All courses are designed and delivered to meet ISO 9001 standards which ensures a high level of service, material and delivery quality.

Post date: 25 Jan 2016

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