NEBOSH Diploma – Week 1

Mark Rowlands SantiaOver the course of his studies, Mark will keep a diary for us, to help future students understand the structure, the support available and hopefully will give you some hints and tips to help you on your Diploma journey.

Review of the week

So it’s the end of my first week of the NEBOSH Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety.  An intense week of learning but a fascinating one.  Having been through other NEBOSH courses before I had my preconceptions of what to expect from this course and I had already constructed a plan in my head of how I was going to tackle the learning, revision and subsequent exams.  I soon realised that this was a mistake and approaching the course with an open mind would have been a lot more beneficial. 

The first day is as you expect when starting most courses, the introductions to the other trainees and the explanation of what is expected from the trainer and most importantly, me.  As we went through the week and discussed different topics as a group I found it interesting to hear the other trainee’s experiences which helped understand some of the more difficult areas and assisting in putting them into context. It was soon apparent that I could not rely on the course booklet to get me through this exam.  This was not that type of course.  The book contained all the information you needed however the aim was to understand the information you are learning and not just recite it from a passage you have memorised. When it comes to learning I’m a note taker, therefore I scribbled, summarised and even drew information I thought was important for my studies.  I found the homework questions key to my learning and the feedback was vital in my understanding of the topics.  There were questions I thought I had performed well at which came back and I had appeared to have gone off on a tangent.  This was frustrating but helped me focus more on what the questions were asking me.  

Revision Structure

So by the end of the week my thoughts were turning to how to continue with my Diploma studies  outside of the classroom considering I would have the day to day distractions of work and home life. A useful note given to me by the tutor was to follow the syllabus.  As obvious as it sounds, I have found this useful and it has helped me structure what I need to know and when to study it.  I would go as far as to say this was the best advice yet with regards to revision.  Another useful tip I learned was replacing time.  Everyone has their distractions which cause them to put revision off for another day such as children, chores or more simply…the pub.  The concept of replacing time meant that if the one night you did miss revision, then you made up for that time somewhere else so as to not lose out. Fortunately, I also have access to the NEBOSH Diploma course notes and quizzes online through Santia’s elearning system – another helpful tool to help me study.   

Help and assistance

The tutor offered the group support through e-learning, telephone and even face to face if the urgency required it which I thought was really beneficial.  You often find with courses that after the week has ended, you get the odd email back and forth but no real contact with the tutor until the day of your exam so this felt different.  I have made the mistake in past where I have thought I am doing well and ignored the support offered however in this case I’ve decided to utilise this aid to my studies and have been submitting questions.  In my mind this will help measure my performance in my study structure and should help identify where my issues lie and what areas I need advice on. 

So that’s it, my revision is structured, I’ve focused my commitments and I’ve set my targets of where I need to be.  Hopefully by the second week I will have gone through as many past questions, exam techniques and guidance notes as I can to help with my exam.  Although the exam is still a daunting prospect, structuring how I get there has helped me to keep calm. Baby steps Mark, Baby steps…

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Post date: 08 Jun 2015

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