NEBOSH Diploma – Week 2

Mark Rowlands SantiaOver the course of his studies, Mark will keep a diary for us, to help future students understand the structure, the support available and hopefully will give you some hints and tips to help you on your Diploma journey.

Diploma Blog Week 2

2nd week down….4 to go.


So lets re-cap on the time between the 1st and second week.  My learning structure was strong, I was fresh from the course and I was motivated.  The first week or two passed by remarkably easy and it seemed as though I knew nothing but work in the day, revision in the night. 

The Brick Wall

Then there was the brick wall.  The brick wall came to me in the form of procrastination. There became distractions with work, the weather was great, home commitments. 3 weeks in I was finding any odd job around the house to deter me from my revision. I remembered a useful tip given to me by the tutor – 'write down the reasons why you are doing this course and from time to time refer to it'.  This helped me refocus my attention and I slowly returned to a steady rhythm of revision.  I think the key was 30 minutes revision, 30 minutes rest, 30 minutes revision – a tried and tested technique. I kept to this format until the 2nd week.  I ran through each element referring to the guide notes I had made along the way.  Once I was confident on a certain section, I would consolidate these into smaller notes, even bullet points at a later stage which I would simply refer to in order to keep the information fresh in my mind.

The 2nd Week

When the second week finally came around I was looking forward it.  I was interested to find out how the other candidates had been revising and in all honesty, I was ready to read something I hadn't already read 14 times before! The focus of this week was human factors and law.  A tough but interesting week. As before, I approached this week with preconceptions that law was going to be a struggle and a tedious topic to study.  I was pleased to find that it was structured well and the tutor avoided the monotony of reading the legislation to us and used syndicate exercises to allow group discussion and fact finding.   As before, I began annotating partially from the book and the comments made by the tutor along with highlighting key areas and focal points in my notes.   Each night, I would look over the information I had learnt that day and test myself by answering the questions given to me for homework.   Despite finding the term 'Homework' comical and reminiscent of school days, I found it extremely helpful to submit my answers and have them marked against the standard required.  If you are to take anything from this blog it would be questions.  Revise the topic, follow it up with questions and if you can, have them marked.   I cannot stress how useful I found it to identify if I was directing my questions correctly. So often you hear of people losing all marks due to the misinterpretation of questions. 

Exam Technique

So this week didn't only contain the last few elements of Section A of the diploma, we were taught how to approach the questions.  You hear of many providers not providing this to students which makes me think – why not? Understanding what is being asked of you and understanding how to structure your answer is half the battle!  We discussed question structure, answer plans, acronyms and timing.  A daunting prospect for me was always the time that you have to answer each question and I knew that it would be a struggle.  One piece of advice given was if you have reached your time limit for a question, move on.  I understood it would take a disciplined mind to stop mid-way through an answer if you are beginning to lose track of time.  This wrapped up my second week which was rather less painful than I thought and gave me a little boost of confidence by giving me the necessary preparatory tools.  

So that's it from me again, my exam is in 2 weeks, nerves are setting in so all there is left is to continue revision and hope I have done enough to pass.  Fingers and toes crossed for the 1st hurdle!!!

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Post date: 29 Jun 2015

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