Principal Designer Duties - White Paper

Under the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015, clients must appoint a Principal Designer (PD) for all construction projects which involve more than one contractor.

Because of the widening scope in construction projects, many projects legally require a PD. However, the role is often undertaken by people with limited experience in this area, including clients, architects, engineers, project managers and principal contractors.

Clients frequently appoint the architect or lead designer as the PD but there is a lot more to the role of PD than the initial preparation of a design. Therefore, the decision to appoint an architect or designer as PD can leave the duty holders' open to risk in their compliance to the CDM Regulations, and, potentially risk the health and safety of those working on the project.

Santia Consulting Ltd offers a wide range of CDM 2015 services to help clients mitigate these risks.

Read our comprehensive White Paper to learn more about the regulations and Santia's CDM services

Post date: 23 Jun 2016

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