CDM2015 - Will you be ready? Part two (VIDEO)

In the second of our three part series on the CDM2015 changes, Gerald Black (Technical Lead) and John Kinge (Technical Adviser) look at the changed role of the Principal Designer.

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Video Transcript
Gerald Black – Technical Lead “For the industry CDM co-ordinators are going and that’s hurt a lot of them. They’re going but the duties are not. They transfer to a Principal designer, so the main designer on the job will probably be the Principal Designer.

John Kinge – The idea being that the Principal designer will be the one that has the authority and control to coordinate all of the relevant activities through the design stages to ensure that safety is paramount and considered through every stage of that design process.

Gerald Black – A Principal Designer has to be a Designer. They have to have design competence, design experience. They are responsible for design coordination. So the majority of CDM coordinators running as coordinators will not be in the position to be classed as a Principal Designer.

John Kinge – It’s quite likely that we will see the current CMCS that have but maybe not the design side of it going in and supporting it in some way in making sure that as a group of people on a project the relevant skill sets are there.

Gerald Black  - So perhaps the next two/three years we’re going to see the raise of the CDM consultant. So they still retain the CDM title.

John Kinge:  The HSE have decided quite sensibly that there needs to be a transition period for the removal of the CDMC and the introduction of a Principal Designer. So any on going projects that have started before April they can retain a CDMC in post to carry out those duties but has to have it replaced by Principal Designer by October 2015. Any new Construction jobs which start after the beginning of April a Principal designer needs to be in place at that time.

Gerald Black: Could the client be the Principal Designer? Absolutely. The issue is will they be competent?  Once the new regulations don’t give guidance on competence except from training, experience, knowledge etc . The HSE have got a great depth of knowledge and if they come in and find that you’re not a designer you will have action against you. If they come in and find and can’t do it they can take action against you. The duties are quite clear, everyone still has to prove  that they can do the job correctly and within the competence level.

John Kinge – From a Safecontractor perspective, impacts? There are going to be some. We’re going to see some changes to the Principal Designer. There’s a new role we’ll need to introduce, we’ll need to phase out the CDMC role, but we’ll do so in a sensible way. We’ll do so over the six months, to make sure that we remain very clear with our clients what roles individuals are able to undertake.

Post date: 30 Mar 2015

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