Five questions to ask when choosing a Learning Management System

Simon Jones Head of Training at Santia consulting

A learning management system will allow an organisation to track, manage and analyse learner progress, whilst providing a suitable platform for all online learning and training materials.

When choosing a learning management system, you may want to consider asking these questions:

  1. Can I upload my own materials?

The best learning management systems should enable you to be able to upload your own materials. In order to do this, we would recommend your courses are SCORM compliant.

  1. What data/reports can I extract from the system?

One of the key benefits you want from a learning management system is the ability to view and download individual and group user reports. When comparing learning management systems, one of the key features you might want to look at it how easy it is to create and customise reports that will help you track and manage learner progress.

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  1. What content is available?

If you purchase eLearning, it will sit on a learning management system. When thinking about buying eLearning courses, you want them to be fully interactive, with learners needs in mind and built by both subject matter experts AND eLearning developers.

  1. Can it be accessed anywhere, anytime?

To encourage flexible learning, you want the system to be available at any time of the day and accessible and usable across platforms. Check with the provider that the system will be available and work well across many different devices.

  1. What support is available? 

Ask the provider what online and offline support is available. A great learning management provider should provide you with self-serve options plus a process for escalating any issues. With online learning, you also want assurance that you have support with the course itself. An eLearning provider should have accessible and easy to use forums and tutor support where it is needed.

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Simon Jones is a senior manager in progressive health, safety and environmental consultancy. Simon’s experience ensures that the products delivered by Consultants, i.e. training and client consultancy, meets the high standards which are set as well as expected by demanding clients.

is the Principal Examiner for the NEBOSH International Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety.

Post date: 16 Mar 2015

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