An introduction to eLearning with Helen Tucker (VIDEO)

Helen Tucker - an eLearning Tutor with Santia - talks about the advantages of eLearning.

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An introduction to eLearning with Helen Tucker


Helen Tucker: “I'm Helen Tucker, I'm the eLearning tutor/Health and Safety consultant for Santia so I have a dual role. The eLearning side as well as the face to face class room.”


What advantages does eLearning have over face to face training?


Helen: “eLearning brings a valuable commodity to businesses in relation to the low cost element for releasing staff for training. So the learner can learn at their pace, can be done via the workplace or as part of their own personal/private study. The benefits then are also for the manager who, who has a good return on investment because they can control the training. They can see the live desktop where their staff are on their training at what point have they been successful in completing it. So it also allows them to be in control of the training which is being provided to their staff.”


What systems are in place for managers to monitor employee progress through the training?


Helen: “It's a vital element for a business to get the most out of the eLearning Management system. They can see how well it's being used, or if the staff aren't participating more frequently and then finding out why, it helps them develop and infiltrate their worker culture for training. What's working well and what isn't working so well. Providing valuable feedback for Santia so we can taylor and use the feedback we get from our candidates to ensure we're providing the best training possible.”


How has eLearning developed over recent years?


Helen: “Over the years eLearning used to be very static. Very Powerpoint presentation type eLearning type of learning as we've all seen. So it is very much more about interactive learning that the candidate participates in and has exercises in eLearning and feels part of their learning outcomes , that it isn't just a matter of 'work through the slides and my training is complete', it is about them feeling part of that. So with the eLearning Management System that Santia provide we have exercises which will provide learner feedback from our eLearner tutor and so we can help with the learning which is vital for the exam preparation where there are accredited courses and they can be getting the most out of learning to ensure they've achieved the outcomes we've set.”

What additional support is there for eLearning students?

Helen: “Is is definitely prevalent, and we support the use of the forums, not only for interaction for the candidates and the learners, because it's nice to meet – even in a virtual world – your candidates and colleagues learning alongside you whether that be in a company or individually across the World Wide Web. Also from a tutor point of view we want to give our learners and our clients the best possible service and experience that they've had so that they can post questions whether it's about a course or exam dates, preparation, revision and they know that similar to the classroom environment they've got an eLearning tutor at hand to be able to ask for support and guidance.”

What range of eLearning can Santia offer?

Helen: “Santia provide a wide range of all the accredited courses from our NEBOSH National General Certificate through to our new IOSH Work Safely certificate which has been newly launched. So we can cover those basics, but even now from the client Bespoke designed specifically for you and your scenarios so we can make sure it meets all your client and business needs as well.”



Post date: 02 Sep 2015

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