Reducing Sickness Absence Autumn Seminars

22, 23 October and 5 November 2014

Sickness absence costs are spiralling, the average cost of sickness absence per employee per year is £595. We know that 2013 saw an increase in the rates of sickness absence. Two thirds of sickness absence is short term and up to 15% of sickness absence is spurious.

The numbers are significant – so are you doing all you can to reduce sickness absence in your workplace?

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Every organisation can reduce its sickness absence, no matter how low it is or indeed how high it is. There is no magic art to it,  there is a tried and tested set of actions and routines that guarantee to reduce sickness absence if applied fairly and consistently and reliably delivered in the workplace.

Santia is holding a series of free half day seminars and will share with you the actions and routines that will deliver return on investment to your business. Some of them you may be doing well, some variably and some not at all.

The seminar will provide you with a toolkit of actions and routines that will become your checklist for success.

Seminar content

  • Understanding your sickness absence
  • Benchmarking against industry and national trends
  • Sickness absence or Attendance Policy – is it working for you?
  • Dealing with short term absence – what can be done?
  • Day 1 Absence Management
  • Using Health and Wellbeing activities to target short term absence
  • Identifying the key drivers of long term absence
  • The role of the line manager in managing absence
  • Dealing with stress related absence
  • Reducing absence from musculoskeletal problems
  • Building a business case to deliver a Health and Wellbeing strategy
  • Delivering a Health and Wellbeing strategy – what should be in it?

Dates and Venues

Santia’s seminars are free to attend and lunch is included.

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Post date: 29 Aug 2014

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