Santia to attend Association of Colleges Health and Safety Conference

Aoc Health and Safety Conference

In addition to attending the conference Santia will also be giving a presentation at the main platform at 2:05pm.

Asbestos in educational establishments and your duty to manage it

Amy D Jones SantiaAmy D. Jones, Principal Consultant (pictured right) at Santia Asbestos Management Ltd, will deliver an insightful session on how to overcome an asbestos management deficiency in your college. She will start with an overview of the requirements of the Duty to Manage Asbestos, followed by examples of what can happen when it goes wrong. She will present a detailed case study of a college which recently experienced significant asbestos management deficiencies, their journey as they overcame their issues with the help of Santia and their plans for maintaining a safe learning.

“...schools are facing an asbestos timebomb...”

The Guardian

Are you worried about asbestos in your college? Amy will be on hand to assist with your questions at the conference.

As recently reported in The Guardian online (19.05.15), “schools are facing an asbestos timebomb”. Realising the critical risks that this issue can pose for the educational community, asbestos will feature as one of the key topics at this year’s AoC Health & Safety Conference.

If you are concerned then about ensuring that your college is resilient against a variety of threats or your role is gradually moving towards helping reduce college losses and maximise profits, be sure to attend this conference.

Other key areas covered on the day will include:

-           New Construction Design and Management (CDM) Regulations introduced on Monday 6 April 2015 and replaced the 2007 Regulations,

-           Ways in which colleges can defend themselves against insurance claims, together with recent examples of claims that were fought successfully in the past year,

-           Legal update that considers recent cases which impact on the sector, with an emphasis on practical application of learnings.

-          ‘Prevent Duty’ for your college.

Come and visit us  at location 4 in the Atrium, #aochs.

Click here to see a short video from our asbestos experts about the governments 'Asbestos in Schools' report.

Post date: 23 Jun 2015

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