Repeals, revocations and amendments regulations for Northern Ireland

The Regulations, which come into operation on 1st June 2015, repeal one Act and revoke sixteen Statutory Rules relating to health and safety provisions plus a related provision in the Factories Act (Northern Ireland) 1965. They are being revoked because they have either been overtaken by more up to date regulations or they are redundant.

The Regulations will revoke the Construction (Head Protection) Regulations (Northern Ireland) 1990 as from 1st June 2015. From the same date, the Personal Protective Equipment at Work (PPE) Regulations (Northern Ireland) 1993 will be amended so that they apply to the provision and use of head protection on construction sites as well as to other forms of PPE. Although the regulations that apply in this area are changing, the level of legal protection is not. The necessity for hard hats on construction sites is not being removed and employers do not need to do anything differently to comply with the law. A number of consequential amendments to other health and safety legislation are also included in the new

The Regulations will be included in the list of subordinate legislation on the HSENI website and in due course there will also be a link to a copy of the Regulations on the legislation website


Post date: 27 Apr 2015

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