Advice for the office Christmas party

Santa's naughty list include almost nine out of 10 workers (87%) seeing colleagues drink too much and 48% having gone to work with a hangover after their office party. However the survey also reveals that over a quarter (28%) also admit to having heard staff revealing their colleagues’ secrets. There are consequences of such indiscretion, with more than half the managers surveyed (51%) saying they would reprimand workers for being rude to each other, while 28% would tell workers off for revealing their colleagues’ secrets. And keen to dodge the line of fire themselves, 41% of managers would reprimand staff for shouting at the boss.

However, managers are more relaxed about the morning after the night before, with only 10% of them reprimanding their workers for coming in with a hangover after the Christmas party.

Charles Elvin, Chief Executive of ILM, commented: “Christmas parties are a great way for companies to show their appreciation to staff for all their hard work during the year, and it can also be a good opportunity for managers to get to know their staff in a more informal setting. However it is important for all to remember that they are still, essentially, in a working environment.”

Ninety four per cent of managers hoped their staff would enjoy themselves, and 24% are keen for staff to let their hair down and have a dance. However, 17% would reprimand staff for drinking too much.

Elvin continued: “Fall-out from the festive party can be a worry for managers. It is important that leaders communicate exactly what behaviour will be tolerated and what behaviour will not, and as always, lead by example. You can’t offer a free bar all night then complain when people drink too much.”

Main dos and don’t of the survey are:


Enjoy yourself (94%)

Get to know people from other

Discuss personal interests (40%)





Post date: 15 Dec 2014

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