New funding for 200,000 homes on brownfield land

The fund, which totals £4.4million will be made available to local authorities to start work on brownfield sites of 100 or more homes in their area. This move is the latest in the UK government’s key strategy that housebuilding is critical to the government’s long-term economic plan.

The National Planning Policy Framework emphasises the need to prioritise building on previously used brownfield land, and new measures make it easier to convert existing commercial, retail and agricultural buildings for residential use. As a result of this, over two thirds of all new homes are now built on brownfield sites, but the government wants to improve on this, and an ambitious goal has been set that local development orders will be used to grant planning permission for new homes on over 90% of suitable brownfield land by 2020. This new funding boost of £4.4 million will enable planning permissions that have been granted through local development orders to go ahead and for housing to be built on such sites.

Post date: 10 Feb 2015

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