Are you Asbestos Aware?


The approved code of practice (ACoP) to Regulation 10 (Information, Instruction & Training) of the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 requires “Asbestos awareness training is required to be given to employees whose work could foreseeably expose them to asbestos”. 

If you have no intention of removing asbestos but work on buildings built or refurbished before the year 2000, asbestos could be present. You will need awareness training so you know how to avoid the risks. This e-learning course for the UKATA Asbestos Awareness teaches people to understand what asbestos is, the typical locations where it is found and how to work safely to avoid exposure in the event that they are working in the vicinity of asbestos containing materials (ACMs).

Are you compliant with regulation 10 of the Approved Code of Practice? Our UKATA Approved Asbestos Awareness E-Learning course ensure that your employees understand what asbestos is, the typical locations and safe working procedures. Book today by clicking here or contact us by clicking here for further information.

To see a video of our industry experts commenting on the recent Government report on asbestos in schools click here.


Post date: 21 Apr 2015

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