New feature heavy NEBOSH National General Certificate course launched

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Simon Jones, Head of Training Practice at Santia Consulting looks at the added benefits which come with the new redeveloped NEBOSH National General Certificate course.

The NEBOSH National General Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety has been redeveloped using the latest eLearning development and deployment software tools. The course consists of on line activities and interactions that users can work through using their mobile device. The course is designed to run on a range of platforms and is accessed through Santia’s cloud based LMS through which a range of support materials can be accessed.

In addition to the on line interaction candidates can access a set of supporting pdf materials which cover the course content, additional questions and answers in preparation for the NEBOSH examinations.

Santia maintain and moderate on line forums where candidates are encouraged to ask questions and seek support in their learning. In the various forums available candidates will be able to get technical assistance in relation to the operation of the LMS and support from a tutor if there are any queries in relation to course content or the NEBOSH examination requirements. The establishment of an on line learning community can greatly assist in the learning of a course such as the NEBOSH National General Certificate.

Optional additional on line support sessions are available. These sessions are delivered using virtual classroom technology via Microsoft LYNC. Minimum specifications for access are stipulated in order to attend the sessions which are available to assist candidates in their examination preparation.

An optional revision pack is available to candidates which can be helpful in focussing preparation for the examinations. The pack contains a technical summary of the supporting course notes along with hints and tips on successful revision techniques. Also contained within the revision pack are a range of past examination papers and answers to assist in exam preparation. Candidates will also enjoy the benefit of video instruction and demonstration of answering examination questions to a high standard.

From time to time Santia will live stream and record classroom sessions and interaction. Users of the new course will be given preferential access to these on line events.

Santia’s social media feeds including Twitter, Facebook and Linked IN will provide regular updates and thought provoking discussion on relevant topics candidates of health and safety qualifications. Details of how to follow and receive updates will be made available during access to the course.

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Transcript of the NEBOSH General Certificate Walk through video

Fade in to Log In page.


Today I’m going to be giving you a walkthrough of our brand new NEBOSH General Certificate elearning course on our LMS. We’re very excited about this, a lot of work has gone into it, but we’ll let you judge for yourself how this course could help you and your organisation to get on the way to a NEBOSH Qualification

To start off with we’ve got our log in screen,, so when you’ve been signed up, put in your username and password as you would with any other website…


Log In with username and password blurred out. The Course catalogue will appear.


The first thing you’ll see when you log in is our course catalogue. New courses are being added all the time and the existing courses are being constantly updated to keep up with changes to legislation etc, also to add new and improved features and material. The NEBOSH course is no exception. So let’s open up the NEBOSH course.


Show the NEBOSH NGC front page screen.


So here you can see all the elements are listed on this slider.

Down below…


Show the downloads area.


…you can see we have a downloads area. Here we have course note for you so you can read up when you’re offline, as well as the template for the practical assessment. Anything extra that you need, will be available here.


Scan right to the forums.


While we’re on this part of the page, next to the downloads area, you’ll see the Forums where you can chat to other users and get help and support from experts both in terms of the actual subjects and any technical issues you might have.


Move back up to the course elements.


Now let’s look at the main course content. This element has many of the features that are featured throughout the course, so let’s look at this one.


Click in to Element 5 of Unit 2


All of the elements follow the same style and format so it’s clear, consistent and really simple to get to grips with.


Begin clicking through the slides


The basic structure is pretty straight forward but the courses are jam packed with features and activities to keep you interested and enhance your learning experience so it’s not just a direct A-B, there’s plenty going on.


Skip through to ‘The Human Body’


For example here we’ve got a great illustrated presentation on how the human body works. Pretty much everything here is clickable and even though there’s a lot of information available it’s nice and easy to digest.


Skip through to ‘Classification of Hazardous Substances’


We have sliders and clickable tables too which break quite heavy chunks of information into smaller steps.


Click through to ‘Risk Assessment’


We’ve got other great features like drag and drops test your knowledge of categorising items and factors and remembering how different things are related and in this case what is the correct order to do a Risk Assessment.


Skip through to ‘Knowledge Check’


Every now and again there will be a knowledge check to test that you’re meeting the learning objectives. These are quite straight forward true or false or multiple choice questions that will help you identify if there’s anything you need to take another look at.


Skip through to ‘Exam Question’


To pass the NEBOSH qualification you will have to pass a written assessment and we can prepare you for that too. Here we have a step by step guide of how to approach an assessment question and get those all important marks.


Stop at end slide


And there it is element complete. Don’t forget this is just a small part of the much larger course, but this guide should give you an idea of what to expect as part of the NEBOSH General Certificate Course.




Post date: 22 Jan 2015

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