Santia launches new allergenaware eLearning courses

Santia Consulting has launched two new allergen awareness courses from its food safety division The Food Safety Consortium (FSC), for hospitality and food manufacturing businesses.

Santia’s allergen awareness courses, which are available as eLearning training, have been developed so that businesses operating in these two sectors can ensure that their food handling staff have induction and refresher training in the management of allergens.

According to the Global Food Safety Training 2014 survey, 80% of respondents advised allergens was a food safety topic they currently cover with their employees. However, the challenge is to provide learning that drives a culture of food safety cost effectively and efficiently when there is an increasing trend to issue short term and temporary contracts during peak seasons and through recruitment agencies.

The two allergen awareness courses offer a flexible learning solution. Available online, learners have the ability to access the course on a PC, laptop, tablet or mobile device, at a time that is convenient for both employer and employee.

The course typically takes two hours to complete and can be completed on a module-by-module basis if required, meaning shorter training sessions can be taken during down times.

Provided through Santia’s best in class, cloud based learning management system (LMS), hospitality businesses and food manufacturers can track the progress each employee is making on the course, along with the results of their assessments (to confirm learning and understanding) and produce reports to support overall employee management and development. 

Don Meredith, Director of Food for Santia/the FSC commented “We are very excited to be offering our allergen eLearning course on the LMS and the benefits is has for food manufacturers and hospitality businesses. The need for an improved food safety culture and in particular, ensuring that new employees receive induction training, has been a hot topic in the media of recent. I genuinely believe that our eLearning proposition from both a food and health and safety perspective can help businesses address those concerns and re-enforce their values and policies to employees when it comes to their own safety and that of consumers.”

The allergen awareness courses for hospitality and for manufacturers are available to purchase online via the Santia Consulting website. For those businesses looking for volume purchases over 10, it is recommended that the Santia training sales team be contacted directly.

Post date: 19 Aug 2014

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