Studying for the NEBOSH Diploma (VIDEO)

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Studying for the NEBOSH Diploma

Mark Rowlands: “My name is Mark Rowlands, I’m a Responseline Consultant for Santia giving Technical Health and Safety advice and I’m studying the NEBOSH Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety.”

What courses have you done before and how does the NEBOSH Diploma compare?

Mark Rowlands: “Well I’ve previously done NEBOSH courses, my General, Fire and Construction so I generally had a conception of what a NEBOSH course looked like, I think it was a big mistake going in that way. I think you should come into it with an open mind, it’s better for yourself as you take more in rather than looking at a guided course. With the General I found that it was a memory test as far as I was concerned. This is a much different level than the NEBOSH General. You go in there and you need to have a good plan, a structure in the way you’re going to learn. The way I planned out my learning, I tried to use many different methods. I was using flash cards, I even went to the stage where I was buying a white board to start drawing down maps, a study of how I was going through my training. ”

How did you approach your learning and approach your learning and revision outside of the face to face training?

Mark Rowlands: “What the recommendation was from my trainer was to do half an hour slots but you need to be very practical on how you do that, if you can do the half an hour, go away, rest and wait for the information to set in, then go back and do another half an hour and do it that way. Obviously give yourself enough breaks because your learning curves off at a certain point. It is intense.”

Do you have any hints or tips for people considering or currently on the course?

Mark Rowlands: “At first while you’re going through the weeks. It’s just taking the information down, as you’re going through the weeks what I’ve learned is that when I’ve learned a certain section I’ll then make the notes slightly smaller, make them more concise so that they’re more bullet points then so they’re more key points to do in terms of memory.”

What have you enjoyed most about the NEBOSH Diploma course?

Mark Rowlands: “Quite a few aspects to be honest. One of the main ones I found was going on the course with the other candidates. Drawing from their experience was a great help, you’ve got other people there who are so experienced. You can draw off their knowledge, everyone contributes to conversations when you’re in there so you can draw off a conversation and some of it really helps you remember certain areas. An example, one of the candidates who was with me was a radiation protection advisor so as part of his job he had to do hazard and operability studies. I never knew anything about hazard and operability studies before this course, but I was able to draw from his experience and every time I revise that is focussed in my memory.”

What support is there outside of the classroom?

Mark Rowlands: “You've got the forums online, you can have a back and fourth with the trainer, have a conversation with the trainer. There are also forums on IOSH that are for NEBOSH diploma students to just discuss general topics.


Post date: 12 Aug 2015

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