Santia launches its new learning management system

Drawing on its training heritage with blue chip customers, Santia will now provide its accredited and non-accredited courses on its best in class LMS solution across mobile and desktop platforms. Whether customers require company-wide courses or specialised individual training. Santia Consulting is in the enviable position of being able to specifically tailor eLearning programmes to meet the requirements of an organisation or an individual’s needs.

With this LMS solution, the student has freedom and flexibility to learn how and where they wish, whether it is via a tablet on the train or their desktop in the office they can start the course and continue at their leisure.

Due to the rapid speed of change in business, employees need to be trained continuously in order for the organisation to remain competitive and legally compliant. Training needs to be monitored and managed through a consistent and reliable tracking system that can be stored, consulted and analysed as required. The system’s data will be useful for management reports on productivity and for assessing individuals’ career advancement; and ultimately is a key element of an effective professional development plan, as well as being a essential component of an organisation’s human resources strategy.

As Simon Jones, Head of Training Practice at Santia and a Principal Examiner for NEBOSH International Diploma comments ‘ELearning is a cost effective method of quickly meeting an organisations training needs. In the case of Health and Safety it’s often a legal requirement to ensure that individuals and organisations know what’s expected of them to remain compliant. And of course relevant and timely knowledge gained through eLearning enables companies to remain competitive not only nationally but in the global arena.’

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Post date: 26 Jun 2014

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