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Our 'IOSH - Managing Safely' elearning course has many new interactive features. Click on the short video below to see them.

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IOSH Managing Safely

Walkthrough Script



Welcome to this video walkthrough of Santia Consulting’s brand new ‘IOSH – Managing Safely’ elearning course.


(Show front page)


In this video I’m going to give you a whistle stop tour of some of the features included in this brand new course, so you have a good idea of what to expect when it comes to completing it for yourself and getting on the road to an IOSH Managing safely qualification.


(Show My Courses list)


So once you have logged into the LMS, you will be shown the list of courses you are enrolled on. Your course list may look a bit busier than this depending on how many courses you are enrolled on but you want to find IOSH – Managing Safely as seen here.


(Click on course and show module list)


As you can see we have all the available modules on this scroll bar here. There are 8 of them, so there is a fair amount of material in there but you’ll see in a moment how that isn’t as daunting as it sounds.


(Click on one of the modules)



Getting into the modules, straight away you can see we’ve divided the learning process into basic steps using the Learning Outcomes. These are the need to know areas that you need to complete to pass each module.

(Continue through the course)


Now as you work your way through the module, you’ll begin to notice that many aspects are clickable and interactive. For example here, clicking the side image, shows additional information related to the topic. What is great about including these features is that it keeps you interested and alert, rather than just plodding through slide by slide. So wherever possible we’ve included interactive elements like this, so always be on the lookout for pop outs and activities.


(Show image popping out to reveal more information, image sequence and clickable images)


(Show Hierachy of Control)



What using pop outs allows us to do is break information down into more manageable pieces, rather than overloading you. If you look at our diagram of the ‘Hierachy of Control’, you have the opportunity to understand the basic points before digging deeper. So for the first point ‘Eliminate the hazard’, we can click on that and then find out more about what this consists of and how it can be applied. This goes for all the other points that follow. You can then tackle the process with a step by step approach.


(Show Module 4 and Module 5 and Module 6 Domino Theory)


As you can see here as well, we have done our best to illustrate certain points, so that you’re not just looking at big blocks of text, or boring lists. With images, flow charts and diagrams, the information will stick better in your mind when it comes to the activities and written exam later on, because we understand that people learn in different ways.


(Show text entry for ‘What kind of things cause harm’)



Lets take a closer look at some of the activities. Again these really help to keep you thinking throughout. For example here you can answer the question ‘What kind of things can cause harm?’. When you’ve entered your answer, you can compare against the official answer as well as follow up information afterwards.


(Show drag and drop)



Another kind of activity that comes up fairly regularly is the drag and drop, which is a good way of learning how some items are categorized. It’s just a simple case of dragging boxes into a table and working out what goes where.


(Show Knowledge Check)



At the end of every module and at occasional intervals in between you will have to complete a knowledge check. These consist of several multiple-choice questions. You have to get all of the questions to correct to continue to the next module. However don’t worry if you don’t get them all correct first time, you can always have another go.


(Module Complete)



So there we have it. Once you’ve completed each module, you’ll come to this page and be able to continue on to the next one. This video should have given you a positive insight into what to expect from the IOSH – Managing Safely course. If you want to find out more about this or any of the other elearning courses we offer, please visit our website at

Post date: 05 Jun 2015

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