IOSH host free 'Health and safety in supply chain management' webinar

IOSH are pleased to announce this webinar on ‘Health and safety in supply chain management’, being delivered by Garrett Brown, founder and coordinator of MHSSN who is an experienced health and safety professional within the ready-made garment industry.

Garrett Brown has spent most of his career advocating for safe and healthy workplaces in the United States and abroad. He has participated in trainings in Indonesia with labor, women's groups, human rights and community-based NGOs and with trade unions and Central American Republics in Guatemala on safety and health issues in the workplace. In 2010, he led a multi-disciplinary team of occupational health professionals to establish the world's first genuinely "no sweat" garment factory in the Dominican Republic, and in 2014 he made three trips to Dhaka, Bangladesh to assist with the Accord for Fire and Building Safety, established to protect workers in the country's garment industry.

Click here to register for the webinar.

Post date: 25 Jun 2015

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