Meet the Asbestos Team - John Evans (VIDEO)

We'd like to introduce some of the hard working members of the asbestos team.

In this video we meet Santia's longest serving employee, John Evans Technical Director Asbestos Management.

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John Evans Video Transcription


John Evans Technical Director – Santia Asbestos Management: “Good afternoon I’m John Evans, I’m the Technical Director within Santia Asbestos Management. I can proudly claim to be the longest serving employee within Santia Consulting. I’ve actually been employed within the company for neigh on thirty years now. “

What history does Santia have when it comes to Asbestos Management?

John Evans: “When I joined the company we were actually part of the George Wimpy group and we had become one of the very first companies with the United Kingdom to receive accreditation for our Asbestos services through what was then the National Assessment Measurement and Assessment Service which is NAMAS, now that of course has become the United Kingdom Accreditation Service UCAS, and for all that thirty years we’ve maintained the highest levels of accreditation for the asbestos consultancy and analytical services that we provide. A number of years ago I started to specialise totally on asbestos and I became the training and consultancy director and during that time I’ve provided both training and consultancy for a range of blue chip clients and during that time we’ve handles some of the most challenging of asbestos removal and abatement jobs that have been handled in the UK.”

What asbestos services does Santia offer?

John Evans: “Santia asbestos management as I said, we’ve been in this business all the time I’ve been with the company for thirty years and they were involved even before that so we have a long standing experience and we can offer anything from analysis of a single sample through to comprehensive surveys through to the project management and writing specifications, expert witness work, so anything that is required. In terms of asbestos management as of today I’ve had request for expert witness, I’m involved in a detailed specification and I’ll be taking that forward with my colleague to project managing a very complex removal operation for one of our clients. It’s very fulfilling, it’s very satisfying to take what is a first class client on this journey with us. They are totally dedicated to achieving a solution as their management board is and from my point of view as a front line consultant I find that very fulfilling.”  

Post date: 02 Jun 2015

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