Santia support women in construction programme

Santia and the group from LIFT

We recently welcomed a group of women with an interest in a career in construction to our head office. The group attended as part of Caerphilly County Borough Councils LIFT programme.

The programme worked with women over a two week period and helped also with the softer outcomes as an extra to employment possibilities, the growth of self esteem and confidence was fundamental to the outcome.

Within the two week period the group experienced:

  • Health and Safety induction ( Melin Homes and Caerphilly LIFT)
  • An on site visit to Philips Town (Gibsons STS)
  • An outward bound team building session ( ACT Training).
  • Hands on building experience (Smarter Training Group)
  • Factory tour and hands on participant in plastering.(Rockwool)
  • Research and Development Future proofing (Matildas Planet)
  • Home energy Level 1 OCN training (Little by Little Team)
  • Waste Management and The Environment our future (Constructing Excellence)
  • An understanding of Asbestos, Health and Safety and the future of the built environment.(Santia)    
  • Accredited training took place allowing all participants to achieve an OCN in Understanding Home Energy Level 1  training was undertaken by The Little by Little team.

Also the group have agreed to undertake on line training in Asbestos awareness with Santia the support of the digital training group within the council

The knowledge gained during this two week experience has already proved fruitful with one participant being offered on site work experience with Gibson STS, two working with Santia to either gain work experience or to improve skills to enable a better C.V. One is seeking work in the rural environment.

Debra Jones a LIFT volunteer said “This fortnight has been amazing there should be more of this, especially for young people to understand the different jobs that are out there.”

Michelle Cartwright a Lift Volunteer said “i enjoyed this way of learning about the construction industry.”

Emma Preece a LIFT volunteer  said “this fortnight has made me want to gain more training to make myself work ready. ”

Post date: 05 Jun 2015

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