Charter for asbestos justice launched

The forum says more people will die from asbestos diseases this year than will die on the roads, and the asbestos toll is rising.

Its Charter sets out “easily affordable reforms” that would make a real difference to asbestos victims.

“This country owes a debt of justice to asbestos victims and their families. We all have a duty to make sure victims receive the help they need,” the forum notes. “We all have an interest in making sure that asbestos is removed from the buildings we live and work in so that no one suffers in the future. This Charter sets out how we could achieve these aims. We hope everyone can support it. In particular we would like our politicians and policy makers to support it. Please pledge your support for the Charter for Justice today, and make sure that any politician you vote for supports it too.”

The charter calls for:

• a fair compensation and welfare benefits system
• best practice nationwide on medical treatment for asbestos diseases
• properly resourced medical research
• a public information campaign
• a plan for the ‘eradication’ of asbestos from schools.

The forum is asking individuals to email a message of support, sign and return a copy of the charter, and
encourage others to sign up.

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Post date: 28 May 2015

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