Examinations and Revision Guide

Examinations GuideThe main purpose of the examination is for the examination board to check that candidates have learnt and understood the requirements of the course in a manner which demonstrates that it was entirely the candidates own work.  Examination preparations require a high degree of motivation and focus which produces an intense type of learning.

In answering examination questions candidates may not be expected to provide as much detail as would be expected within an assignment.  Similarly the examiners will be generally more sympathetic to hand writing and grammatical errors than would normally be the case in other course work. 

Planning Your Study

In order to ensure that the specific intended learning outcomes as required by the syllabus are met by each candidate the revision must take place throughout the year rather than be left until the last evening before the examination.  Reference should be made to the learning outcomes or objectives in the syllabus to ensure that all areas of the syllabus content and specific intended learning outcomes are understood by the candidate.  It is recommended that you use a short term and long term time table which will help you to plan your study throughout the year taking into account work and domestic commitments including holidays.

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Post date: 11 Sep 2015

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