For logistics businesses, managing and maintaining a consistently high standard of health, safety and environmental risk management is challenging. For those operating a global business, differing regulations and cultures between countries compounds these challenges. Due to the nature of the business, risk management operations have to be flexible, mobile and deliver at point of need.

Santia is experienced in assisting logistics and warehousing operations of driving out occupational health, safety and environmental risk within the business of handling, storing and moving a wide variety of goods around the globe, whilst also focussing on the effective management of on site operations.

Using in-depth knowledge of international health, safety and environmental management standards and regulations, Santia works with clients such as DHL to develop, improve and implement risk management systems that ensure that in-country regulations are adhered to within the business global management framework.

Case study

Santia works with DHL to Implement a pan European OHSAS system that meets OHSAS 18001 standards.