Asbestos management plans

Your Asbestos Management Plan sets out how your company/organisation plans to manage the risks from asbestos containing materials identified in your properties. It clearly communicates the company policy and procedures to effectively manage and minimise asbestos related risks on your premises.

We will prepare your Asbestos Management Plan in compliance with current legislation, Approved Codes of Practice and relevant HSE guidance documents, and will ensure that issues specific to your premises and property portfolio are addressed.

Asbestos registers

Following an asbestos survey, an asbestos register is produced to provide a simple means of recording the location and risk of asbestos containing materials in a property.

The asbestos register is designed to be used by any staff or contractors working on the property who should be able to pick up the register and identify the risk of disturbing identified asbestos containing materials.

To help you ensure your Asbestos Management Plan and asbestos register is up to date, we offer a re-inspection service* which will include:

  • A thorough visual inspection of ACMs identified on the asbestos survey or previous inspection
  • All changes in risks will be recorded and added to your asbestos register
  • Recommendations for any additional control measures that may be required
  • Checks will be made of any asbestos warning labels used and replaced in line with your labelling protocols
*Please note that out re-inspection service is not UKAS accredited.

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