Asbestos monitoring

Santia Asbestos Management Ltd and First Order Red Ltd provide a full range of asbestos air monitoring services.

Asbestos fibre monitoring

Both Santia Asbestos Management Ltd and First Order Red ltd hold UKAS accreditation for monitoring airborne fibre levels by phase contrast microscopy. This service is delivered by our Asbestos Analysts working on site in temporary or permanent laboratories.

While airborne fibre monitoring does differentiate between asbestos fibres and other fibres, this service is particularly useful for ensuring that elevated airborne fibre levels are not present in areas where asbestos removal or remedial work is being carried out.

Where necessary, samples can be analysed further to differentiate between asbestiform and non-asbestiform fibres (see 'Asbestos fibre discrimination below).

Our UKAS accredited airborne fibre monitoring services include:

  • Reassurance air testing
  • Enclosure 'leak' testing
  • Background fibre level testing
  • Personal air monitoring
  • 4-tage clearances
  • Fibre discrimination (First Order Red Ltd only)

Asbestos fibre discrimination

First Order Red is the only company in the UK to be UKAS accredited to perform asbestos fibre discrimination by a combination of phase contract microscopy (PCM) and polarised light microscopy (PLM).

This UKAS accredited procedure allows us to take asbestos air monitoring one step further and discriminate between non-asbestiform and asbestiform fibre in a standard airborne monitoring sample.

This innovative technique, developed by the First Order Red Technical Team, allows the identification and counting of asbestiform fibres while still on site, therefore removing the need for slower, more expensive electron microscopy.

This unique service provides cost effective result but most importantly, offers quick reassurance and peace of mind.

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