Asbestos removal

An integral part of a complete asbestos management service is the ability to ensure that any identified asbestos is removed and disposed of safely and responsibly. Santia offers secure and reliable asbestos removal services through trusted removal partners as part of our asbestos project management service.

Ensuring asbestos removal quality

Maintaining the quality of our service and ensuring customers receive the right level of service is essential. To improve clarity and ensure quality, we only subcontract asbestos removal to approved licenced asbestos removal companies who undergo strict site and documentation review prior to approval.

Total independence

Santia deliberately separates asbestos consultancy services from asbestos removal partner services to avoid any conflict of interest. Customers can be assured that asbestos consultancy is completely independent and that any subcontracted asbestos removal services meet our strict quality standards.

Long term asbestos removal partnerships help us to deliver consistent quality asbestos project management services and complete asbestos solutions. Our asbestos removal partners understand how we work, the quality that is expected and that we accept no compromise.

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