Fire Investigation

Our aim in every fire investigation we undertake is to ‘reflect the facts without distortion’; using legally recognised methodology to report on all available data following its accurate analysis and, most importantly for our clients, without bias. Our methodology will ensure clients will be correctly informed of where the fire started (the origin) and how the fire started, being the ignition source, the first material ignited and the mechanism that brought the two components together (the cause). Being informed of all the facts relating to a fire or non-terrorist explosion will enable our clients’ subsequent actions, relevant to the case, to be well planned and executed in a timely manner.

Santia Consulting provide a preliminary screening or a fully comprehensive fire investigation report identifying the origin, cause and development of any fire or non-terrorist explosion in almost any country in the world.

In most investigations we start by obtaining witness evidence, usually in the form of statements. Consideration of such evidence is the first step in establishing a narrative of events and often important in determining policy liability.

Liaison with official agencies is often an important part of fire investigation and Santia Consulting is well versed in handling losses involving the Police, Fire Service, HSE and other agencies. Some losses involve fire alarms, intruder alarms and CCTV. Our investigators are experienced in obtaining and interpreting data from such systems.

At the heart of fire and explosion investigation is the interpretation of patterns of fire damage and a consideration of other physical evidence. Santia investigators are highly experienced in both areas and can piece together the varied aspects of physical evidence to uncover the seat or seats of a fire.


Witness marks are created during a fire. These marks can often tell us whether locks or bolts were shot home or whether the power to an appliance was on or not at the time of a fire. Additionally, marks alleged to have been left by intruders in breaking into the building can disclose much to the trained expert.

Santia Consulting only use Fire Investigators who were Fire Service trained at the Fire Service College, have over 10 years fire investigation experience at senior fire officer level and who have attended both Coroner and Crown Court as an Expert Fire Investigation Witness.