Fire Safety Policy

A ‘fit for purpose’ and relevant Fire Safety Policy that evidences fire safety across the entirety of an organisation is key to Regulatory compliance. Often a Fire Safety Policy gets confused with management systems such as health and safety, however these are two separate disciplines.

Most of the visible fire precautions in premises are fire protection measures, and it is with these measures that the Building Regulations and Fire Risk Assessments are primarily concerned.  However in modern premises the risk to people (and property) from fire is often governed more by the quality of fire risk management than the level of fire protection. Indeed significant factors in most non-domestic, multiple fatality fires, particularly those involving for example ten deaths or more are failures in fire risk management rather than in the design of premises or fire protection measures. 

Santia Consulting can help organisations to implement a clear, formally documented Fire Safety Policy, which can help to safeguard employees, customers and the general public as well as property, and assets. It can also minimise the impact of fire on business continuity.

A fully implemented Fire Safety Policy could potentially prevent a fire occurring through planning, organizing, monitoring and controlling the applied risks and minimise the impact of incidents of fire on the business environment should a fire occur.

Our Fire Safety Policy model has been developed by fire safety management professionals so that it can integrate easily with other management systems and meet the requirements of the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 – Part 2 Articles 8 to 23.

A Fire Safety Policy needs to demonstrate and evidence compliance in eight key elements:

  1. Organisational structure and responsibilities relating to fire
  2. Employed evacuation strategies
  3. Adopted procedure and attitudes to fire safety
  4. Risk management and control (Fire Risk Assessment)
  5. Emergency planning
  6. Fire safety planning, resources and control
  7. Training strategies – Staff, Fire Marshals and fire extinguishers
  8. Specific and bespoke fire safety provisions

Santia Consulting are specialist Fire Safety Consultants, our consultancy work delivers a bespoke fire risk management service fully compliant with the Articles of the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005. Santia Consulting are committed to and passionate about securing fire safety.

Our Consultants are fire safety specialists all with over 30 years fire service experience at senior management level and because of their Fire Service background, experience, knowledge and skill, we are able to work closely with clients, Fire Services and the Health and Safety Executive to ensure the avoidance of enforcement action.