Process safety management

Employers are required by law to meet certain requirements in order to minimise the risk of major incidents from hazardous materials.

Process safety plays an essential role in preventing structural collapse, fires, explosions and incidents with petroleum products, dangerous chemicals, toxic releases and releases to the environment. Process safety management is a blend of both management and engineering skills used to prevent, control and mitigate the potential effects of high consequence events.

Process safety management is particularly important due to the complex nature of major hazard establishments. With this complexity comes the need for specialised skills over and above those needed to manage day to day occupational health and safety issues. Highly hazardous chemicals and explosive substances pose a particularly serious risk to not just employees, business premises and equipment but also potentially to members of the public and the wider environment. It is necessary for employers to consider these external groups when planning process safety management procedures. As such it is critical that employers utilise effective process safety management to ensure risks and any potential consequences are minimised.

Santia offers thorough process safety management support and services to assist businesses that work within major hazards industries e.g. hazardous chemicals, explosive substances, environmental risks etc. Taking you through the whole process from hazard identification to risk control implementation and monitoring of process safety indicators, we provide you with the complete package to assist in your compliance with health , safety and environmental legislation and provide your employees (and others who may be affected by your operations) with a safe working environment.

Benefits of using Santia:

  • Access to a dedicated Major Hazard team of consultants, which includes ex-HSE inspectors that have many years of experience working within this discipline.
  • Minimising your exposure to risk - Santia has proven process safety management methodologies and procedures that make sure your business has reduced exposure to liability.
  • Santia’s established and successful process safety management systems decrease the probability of a major safety incident, e.g. loss of containment, explosion etc.
  • Reassurance that you have done everything you can to protect your employees and your business; by thoroughly assessing, measuring and implementing processes to manage risks.
  • Employing appropriate process safety due diligence measures from Santia can help to reduce the likelihood of adverse publicity.

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