Training for Non-Licensed or Notifiable Non-Licensed Work with Asbestos Material

Course overview

Most asbestos work must be undertaken by a licensed contractor and the decision as to whether or not the job is licensable is based on risk. A contractor may be exempt from needing a license to work with asbestos and (as of April 2012) some types of non-licensed asbestos work have additional requirements known as Notifiable Non-Licensed Work (NNLW).

All non-licensed and notifiable non-licensed work with asbestos must be carried out with the appropriate controls and training in place, in order to protect those doing the work, and those in the area, from the health risks that exposure to asbestos causes.

Who is this for?

This training is designed for people who intend to carry out work with asbestos (that doesn’t require a license) and who may knowingly disturb lower risk asbestos containing materials. Workers in this scenario should already have received asbestos awareness training.

The Health and Safety Executive advise that training for non-licensed and or notifiable non-licensed work should be job specific and Santia’s experience in this area means we can design courses to meet this advice.
Training for Non-Licensed or Notifiable Non-Licensed Work with Asbestos Materials is not sufficient training for carrying out licensed work.



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